The best solution for remote adjustment of inaccessible air balancing dampers.

  • Never any hard wiring or building power needed.
  • Flexible and fast installation options.
  • Precise damper adjustment.
  • Exclusive Smart Phone Remote Control Option.

With 100’s of Completed Projects . . . A Dozen Notables:

The ZipSet System has two essential components.

The first is the Hand Held Controller, ‘HHC-1 Series’ which is available in two versions . . .

Model HHC-1
  • Local adjustment of the damper via its 4 ft. power cable.
  • The 9V battery powers the actuator. No building power or hard wiring is ever needed.
  • remote-more
    Model HHC-1R – Enhanced
  • Provides the same local adjustment of the dampers via the 4 ft. power cable.
  • PLUS wireless remote damper adjustments via the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, or MB** Download the free ZipSet app by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • **Requires iPhone 4S or newer.
  • pic31
    Look for this icon on your device after the download is finished

    The second essential component is the damper actuator, Model ZSA-1.

  • Precise CW or CCW control to set airflow.
  • Auto-locks the blade in place when finished.
  • Premounted on dampers furnished by ZipSet or easily mounts to most damper brands.
  • dial

    Connecting the HHC Series Controller to the ZSA-1 Actuator is easy with three options . . .

    Option 1:03.06.0653


  • The ingenious Model CR-1 is generally the best solution when the connection will be in a hard ceiling and only a few feet from the damper.
  • Requires no support framing for a quick, hassle-free install

  • Option2-finalpage


  • The ‘Feed Thru” option may be the right choice when running the power cable down the supply duct makes sense.
  • Works well with ceiling and slot diffusers because it allows the damper to be back from the inlet to reduce air noise issues.
  • Completely invisible when using the retainer clip.
  • pics1-22new



  • The ‘RP Series’ panels provide a simple way to connect and control randomly distributed dampers at a remote location.
  • Allows the balancing hardware to be 100% out of sight.
  • boltsphone
  • Remote damper adjustment with the iPhone, iPad, Mini, iPod, MB** is a one person operation, which can be a significant labor $$ saver.
  • **Requires iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 4G or newer, iPod 5G or newer.


    Miscellaneous Components . . .

    The ZipSet System includes a complete line of commercial grade balancing dampers.
    POWER CABLE EXTENSIONS – when the 8 ft prewired cable furnished on every ZSA-1 actuator isn't long enough.
    Even a well designed HVAC system may perform poorly and waste energy if not properly balanced. The ZIPSET SYSTEM for adjusting inaccessible air balancing dampers, insures a quick, precise, and economical solution.