The best solution for remote adjustment of inaccessible air balancing dampers.

  • Never any hard wiring or building power needed.
  • Flexible and fast installation options.
  • Precise damper adjustment.
  • Exclusive Smart Phone Remote Control Option.

With 100’s of Completed Projects . . . A Dozen Notables:

The ZipSet System has two essential components.

The first is the Hand Held Controller, ‘HHC-1 Series’ which is available in two versions . . .

Model HHC-1
  • Local adjustment of the damper via its 4 ft. power cable.
  • The 9V battery powers the actuator. No building power or hard wiring is ever needed.
  • Model HHC 1 Photo
    Model HHC-1R – Enhanced
  • Provides the same local adjustment of the dampers via the 4 ft. power cable.
  • PLUS wireless remote damper adjustments via the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, or MB** Download the free ZipSet app by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • **Requires iPhone 4S or newer.
  • Model HHC 1R Enchanced Photo
    Three Easy Ways to download the ZS app...
    1. Tap the App Download Icon Here.
    2. Tap the "App Store" icon on your device and enter "Zipset" in the search field.
    2. If your device has a QR reader app, scan this code

    The second essential component is the damper actuator, Model ZSA-1.

  • Precise CW or CCW control to set airflow.
  • Auto-locks the blade in place when finished.
  • Premounted on dampers furnished by ZipSet or easily mounts to most damper brands.
  • Model ZSA-1 Photo

    Connecting the HHC Series Controller to the ZSA-1 Actuator is easy with three options . . .

    Option 1 Ceiling Bracket More Info Photo
    CR1 Ceiling Bracket Photo


  • The ingenious Model CR-1 is generally the best solution when the connection will be in a hard ceiling and only a few feet from the damper.
  • Requires no support framing for a quick, hassle-free install

  • Option 2 Feed Thru More Info Photo


  • The ‘Feed Thru” option may be the right choice when running the power cable down the supply duct makes sense.
  • Works well with ceiling and slot diffusers because it allows the damper to be back from the inlet to reduce air noise issues.
  • Completely invisible when using the retainer clip.
  • Feed Thru Photo


    RP Series Remote Panel Photo

  • The ‘RP Series’ panels provide a simple way to connect and control randomly distributed dampers at a remote location.
  • Allows the balancing hardware to be 100% out of sight.
  • Phone Damper Adjustment Photo
  • Remote damper adjustment with the iPhone, iPad, Mini, iPod, MB** is a one person operation, which can be a significant labor $$ saver.
  • **Requires iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 4G or newer, iPod 5G or newer.

    Option 3 Remote Series Panel More Info Photo

    Miscellaneous Components . . .

    The ZipSet System includes a complete line of commercial grade balancing dampers.
    Balancing Damper Photos
    POWER CABLE EXTENSIONS – when the 8 ft prewired cable furnished on every ZSA-1 actuator isn't long enough.
    Power Cable Extensions Photo
    Even a well designed HVAC system may perform poorly and waste energy if not properly balanced. The ZIPSET SYSTEM for adjusting inaccessible air balancing dampers, insures a quick, precise, and economical solution.
    Man working on air balance tech with hood photo