Option 3 Remote Series Panel Main Photo
  • Panels mount out-of-sight in equipment rooms, utility closets, or above ceilings.
  • Merge connectors for randomly distributed dampers at a single location.
  • Panels mount to standard 2-1/2″ minimum deep gang boxes.
  • Stocked in 4, 8, 12 connectors in white powder coat.
  • Also available in Satin (2B) stainless.Panel Types Photo
  • Custom panels per customer requirments.
Rear Connectors Photo
The male RCA connector from the ZSA-1 actuator plugs into the connector on the back of the panel.


Suggested applications for the RP Series panels . . .

  • Elaborate ceiling designs where even the small CR-1 disk is unacceptable.
  • Lobbies, offices, hotels, theaters, ballrooms, boardrooms, restaurants, homes.
  • HEPA filter balancing, cleanrooms, operating rooms, laboratories.
  • Projects requiring tamperproofing, jails, prisons, psychiatric wards.


Blue Print Rolls Photo