• Proven reliability with thousands installed in hundreds of projects.
  • Ships with an 8 foot factory-wired power cable which can easily be extended up to 150 feet.
  • One-Size-Fits-All for dampers from 4 inch diameter up to 12 sq feet at 2″ max w.g.
  • Universal Mounting Bracket fits round, oval, or flat duct for a no-hassle installation.

Model ZSA 1 Main Photo
Model ZSA-1 3d Gears Exposed Photo

  • Simple design insures maximum reliability.
  • 4 gears and the drive motor. Nothing else.
  • No circuit boards or limit switches to fail or connectors to come loose.
  • Self-locks after the balancing is completed.

  • Dampers already purchased or installed ?

    No problem.

    The ZSA-1 easily mounts to most damper brands.

    • The Universal Bracket mounts to round, oval, or flat duct with self-drilling screws, spot welding, or pop rivets.
    • The ZSA-1 accepts any damper shaft profile from 1/4″ round, hex, or square, thru 1/2″ round, hex, or square. Minimum shaft length is 3-1/4″.
    Model ZSA 1 Bracket 1 Photo

    Model ZSA 1 Bracket 2
    The bracket allows the actuator to be positioned on the shaft up to 2″ above the damper to compensate for insulation that might be under it.

    After verifying that the blade moves freely, position the actuator on the damper shaft and tighten two hex screws. Knowing the blade position at this final step is not necessary.
    Model ZSA 1 Bracket 3